The biggest challenge I’ll face if I ever have a daughter is learning and practicing self-love. I want her to know from the very start how to love herself, from the curls on her head to her little toes; to love herself inside and out. There’s no way I can teach my future daughter the importance of loving herself or how to if I don’t know how. I have to learn for myself and be able to model it for her to see just how amazing, how necessary self-love is. I never want her to feel like she has to search for love outside in order to love herself or feel worthy of love. While I’ll give her unconditional love, she should still know and believe that no love will ever be greater than the love she has for herself. My future daughter will be strong, unmovable and confident; with a big dash of sass to complete her. No one will be able to tell her anything. I want my daughter to see herself and see perfection, not look at herself and pick out everything that’s “wrong”.

This is not to say that I don’t love myself, but for a long time I sought out things and people to fulfill me just so I could feel loved and wanted. Breakups, scoldings from my parent, fall-outs with my best friends, all made me feel as though I was inadequate and unworthy, like I didn’t deserve to be loved because it seemed like I wasn’t, in that moment, receiving that feeling from the ones I held above myself. It took a while, a really long while, for me to wake up realize that all the love I needed was already inside of me. That the most important gift in the world was the love I had for myself. 

I take time out from my busy days to let myself know how beautiful I am inside and out, to take care of myself in even the smallest of ways, to simply say, “Britt, I love you.” I’m standing tall and learning more and more each day how to receive love from the most important person in my life; ME.

I hope wholeheartedly that my fight and determination to give myself all the love in the world is reflected in my future daughter. I hope she’ll love herself and never seek out people or things as a replacement for loving herself. I’m working on being the model she’ll need and if she ever gets lost I’ll be able to show her the way.