Everyone in this world has a treasure chest.

Well, maybe it’s a jewelry set or a toolbox — if you believe in being societal gender-specific norms.

Maybe it’s that Walmart storage container that you bought after the holidays. Or maybe you’re a bougie hipster (if there is such a thing) and you got it from the Container Store.

The point is, we all have things we like to hold near and dear to our soul.

We hold it like _____________________________________ (fill in the blank with any idiom you wish to use — I like “it’s the BEST thing since sliced bread”). It becomes our everlasting love, something we will never give up because it’s just too sweet…too sweet to lose for just memories.

Keep 1.jpeg

We keep.

What else do you keep? What about the intangible things?

Do you keep pain, heartache, broken dreams that fell out of broken windows?

Do you keep failure, lost opportunities, regret and soul ties?

Why do you keep all of these things on your bedroom dresser where you sleep? Why do you keep? What is the purpose of letting those things simmer and sweat in a hot room in the summer with no air conditioner when they don’t give you the protection you need. When these things don’t and won’t let you breathe.

Why do you keep?

What about keeping things that are real:

  1. Who you actually are — not who people say that you are.
  2. Nature —the beauty of the stars, the plants, the flowers, the little lizards in the backyard. It’s all quite lovely and we need to take care of our Earth.
  3. Your potential right now. Your better tomorrow.
  4. The great, influential people in your precious life.

What I chose to keep right now:

The sunshine outside my window in Houston, Texas.

The gracious smile I give because I am truly grateful for another day.

A good, full more-than-just-a-pat-on-the-back-church hug from a friend that is leaving the state.

A text from a friend I thought was bitter towards me.

Moments of genuine laughter.

My joy in this very moment.

My choice to see a privilege in being a dark-skinned Black woman.

I keep. I keep. I keep. I keep all of these things with me from this past weekend and from today. I keep love, joy and happiness. I keep fruitfulness and productivity. I keep life and life more abundantly.

With all of these things I tend to keep, I keep my sanity.