What I would look like if I would just let my natural hair flow

What I would look like if I would just let my natural hair flow

You are worth more than gold. No, you are immeasurable. There are so many trials and tribulations around your orbit. So many worries surrounding you and your ocean. But stay focus on the prize. Go running. Go get your Master’s degree. Go be EXCELLENT at your job because you care. Be awesome because you are.

Let your hair all the way down. Let go of the blow dryer for a minute, shorty. Take a break from the weave. Moisturize and detangle your curly strands from the ends to the roots with that Denman brush that cares about you and your crown. Hold on to those baby hairs for all its worth, but remember sometimes, good things come to an end.

The end = 10 years ago.

Section and twist parts of your crown with a bomb twist out cream, like Camila Rose because it smells like what I imagine a sweet and peaceful heaven to smell like.

Choose to walk through the inevitable darkest valley with the brightest thousand kilowatt smile that you have. Wit yo’ pearly whites and melanated gums.

Light up the room. Light up the nation. Light up the globe.


A black girl being awesome. Like Always. 

A black girl being awesome. Like Always. 

Be that 25 year old you wish you knew when you were 13 and insecure. You have all the right tools right now in your heart, mind, body and soul. You have the inner confidence to succeed. People are watching you. What are YOU going to do about _________, _______ and ________. Your goals. Your dreams. Your future.

Take chances. These are risks: Read. Write. Run. Hug. Work. Play. Intellectually Converse. Love. Smile because life has been so sweet to you. Oh so sweet to you.

There are no breaks in this life. Intermissions only exist in plays and performances.

This is real.

Call family members that you haven’t talk to in months just to tell them that you are still alive and kickin’.

And visit family members that you would never ever visit because you barely talk to them and there’s no good reason why you don’t except for the fact that you don’t know them that well.

There are toxic conversations, situations, people, spaces, places and thoughts that are dangerous to your well-being. Get rid of them. It is time to DETOX.


Get rid of everything that has taken a pertinent piece of you. And replace with God’s agape love. Don’t be afraid to become a new creation. The kind that slays nightmarish dragons and puts ear-splitting babies to sleep with your peace.

Lastly, don’t forget to saturate yourself with coconut oil. That ash won’t go away on its own.

Let your light shine. This country needs you. This world needs you. Stand up.

Yours Truly,

The Unsung Storyteller