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Honestly, I didn’t outright choose Public Relations as a career. As a Sociology student, i’d initially turned my focus to juvenile justice reform and planned to use my gift for journalism as a catalyst. I thought I had it all figured out; i’d write for a major publication in the city, and generate opinion pieces based on graduate research i’d perform, regarding the flaws of the criminal justice system, especially in relation to juveniles, and the detrimental school to prison pipeline, just as a lead. I mean, I was hot on the trail of unveiling this new career for myself while simultaneously doing something kick-ass to help many youth being wronged through this crooked system (no worries, I will come back to this topic, in another post).

All of that changed, in an instance. I immediately knew that I did not just want to help some people, I wanted the ability and the avenue to help many. And in discovering how to do so, I came to answer one simple question: why are so many people misrepresented? Well, because they may not always have the words to speak for themselves and when someone is assigned to do it, they are not often the right person.

I understand people, in a special way, thank God. I am objective and deductive in my reasoning. I am genuine. If I do not know a direct need of an individual, it will not be long before I can decipher it from a person’s natural disposition and character. I know these things of myself. What’s most important is that I know that these abilities and skills can be a difference maker in someone’s life, as they have been for my own. I decided that day that I needed a career that would allow me to be all of those things for someone else.

That is how I embarked on a career in Public Relations. I first studied independently the terms, tactics, brand strategies, and categories, then I acted. I took my first PR internship at the age of 23, and have not turned back since. It has been the most struggle worthy triumph of my life thus far, and for this evolving journey I am forever grateful. So, if this is you, with a solid plan and goal…don’t get too attached. And if it is you that has had the sudden change of heart, GO GET IT! Either way, understand that both change and definite are wonders to behold, respectively. I hope that as I work and experience new things in journalism, media, PR, and overall branding and communications, I can share some gold with my readers, that will be applicable for their own brand development and placement.