Poem 1.jpg

-Rena Stone


I once was afraid to dance

Afraid people would notice me

Find flaws in my blackness and

Point them out

Use my insecurities as spears

And pierce me in my sides

What is hope amongst men who hate themselves?

Taught that they are destruction

Beasts of no nation


I use to be Afraid to laugh

Afraid that people would notice me

Use my tears of joy as fuel to a fire

A fire to inspire the hate of…


Yeah, they wanna watch me destroy me, inflict self-harm, watch me bleed blue black till I am no more

But, what is hope to a woman who hates herself?

See, I used to be

Afraid of me


You’re afraid of you

And he afraid of his brother

Because we were taught we are



To throw sand over the fact that

we are

Exceptional people crowned by

he who reigns

Kings and Queens, yet humble servants

Of the Almighty

We Black folk be

Too lit

Yo, we the shit

But you keep this secret kept

Because they wanna see you kill yourself

No longer strange fruit but

Poisoned at the root

Beasts of no nation