Love Letter1.jpeg


When was the last time you were told you were beautiful?

Did you smile when you heard it?

Or did you shy away, uncomfortable with the unwanted attention.

Did you believe them?

Because I didn’t.

And sometimes I wonder if I do now

Because how am I supposed to believe

What you say you see

When my vision of me

Just ain’t 20/20.


Understand that I am not looking for pity,

Black girl,

I just want to talk.

I want to talk about you.

I want to listen to your hopes

And watch you turn them into truths,

Hear your passion

And witness your work.

I want to learn of your fears and say

“Black girl, I know, me too,”

And look you in your eyes until you know I mean it.

I want to share your story

Because it is mine too.

Cry when you cry,

And laugh when we’re done.

I want to be your shoulder,

My dear black girl,

Your leaning post.

I want to push you to excellence

And be your cheerleader on the way there.

I want to challenge your beliefs on






And listen as you defend your stance.

I want to be your mirror

And not only show you your flaws and imperfections,

I want to show you your glory

And help you scream your integrity.

There is nothing wrong with feeling,

Black girl,

And I want to help you feel







And love

Completely, not caring about the stigma.

You are the best parts of this earth,

Black girl,

And you and I together, we will show them

That beauty is not a prototype,

And hiding yours is not a prescription for their fear.

Dear Black Girl,

Be ye not afraid of the terror by night

Nor the arrow by day.

You do not face them alone.

I am with you,

And I’m not the only one.

Dear Black Girl,

I will not tell you to wipe your tears.

You deserve to feel them fall

And the earth needs your essence.

Black Girl,

Remember to fall in love with you

Every day

Because I have,

And even when my glasses are dirty

You remind me

Of what beauty is supposed to be.