Carefree Black Girl



-Aaricka Washington

Your name rolls clumsily off their tongue.

They forget to swallow their spit as they laugh

atrociously at the seemingly pathetic piece

They’ve ever seen darker than a brown paper bag.






-rena stone

I once was afraid to dance

Afraid people would notice me

Find flaws in my blackness and

Point them out

Use my insecurities as spears

And pierce me in my sides


Pretty Girls Love Pretty Pictures: CultureSnap Gives Us What We Need

-laquasha logan

I’m a sucker for a good selfie.

I honestly don’t know anybody in my generation that isn’t. And in a world where Bitmojis and filters have taken over the selfie game, it’s about time that somebody did it for The Culture.


Dear Black Girl, A Love Letter

-Laquasha Logan

When was the last time you were told you were beautiful?

Did you smile when you heard it?

Or did you shy away, uncomfortable with the unwanted attention.

Did you believe them?

Because I didn’t.


I don't have to keep it cute for anyone

-Tyler Marie

Just so we’re clear:

I don’t have to “keep it cute” for anyone.

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