Book Laquasha!

Laquasha, Creator of Dear Black Girl, is now available for speaking engagements. Her topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Loving Yourself More: Mental Health and Wellness
    • As a continuing survivor of depression and anxiety, Laquasha is working to find the balance between peace and mental illness and wants to share her tools with you!
  • Find Your Magic: Realizing Your Potential
    • As an educator, Laquasha sees first hand what it feels like to not know your purpose, or believe in yourself enough to pursue your dreams. This workshop focuses on trusting yourself, goal setting, and action-oriented planning. 
  • Daddy Lessons: What I Wish my Father Taught Me
    • Growing up without her biological father present, Laquasha struggled with wanting a relationship with him, which led to negative habits in relationships, among other things. This seminar, specifically for teen girls, discusses those feelings and how to move forward. 

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